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1, be familiar with printing equipment technical parameters, such as minimum and maximum size of the machine, folding machine folding style......

2, points clear with what paper printing, if want to row the reflexive version, you should use the two sides of the same paper as coated paper, book paper. Two different paper like white cardboard, white paper can not be used to do the reflexive version.

Some skills 3, typesetting: if you can borrow the mouth, whether can the reflexive version borrow dislocations to make-up, is ranked the positive and negative version or reflexive version.

4, if mounted pits paper should pay attention to both sides, the mouth and tail version have to stay at least 8mm of bleeding. If the paper is nervous, sticky position box can not set aside the blood. Pay particular attention to Hang paper than confetti in length and width of small 3mm, which we call the sinking.

5, the paper and box mounted pit to use cross lines, otherwise easy to deformation. Carton printing should also pay attention to the white paper whiteness, stiffness and grain direction.

6, to require precise products, such as stamping a set of bits, limiting the beer person of color, layout when you try to row a bit, paper is not easy deformation, easy set a post processing.

7, a large ink overprint high requirements, as the locations of the row in the mouth, tail version of color too deep words easy to drag the flower, and not easy to register.

8, if is automatic beer machine laminating products mouth who try to stay a little, convenient laminating a bit, can guarantee the tooth position paper flush, does not affect the position of beer.

9, should pay attention to when the paper pattern typesetting requirements, especially easy to deformation of the plastic card, board mounted on the card, gift box, etc., are generally used long grain.

10, for the mounted products, should consider the paper, is a waste of paper or a waste of the end of the paper, because some paper sealing degree not just, we must look at the waste which is more province.

The mounted in the paper and the bottom paper than the bottom of a small 3mm-5mm 11, three layer, convenient mounting with tissue paper, as the needle position beer is more accurate, otherwise easy adhesion.

12, the card make-up to consider is single or double or multiple Zhiji Zhang holds Zhang holds, this is very important for post processing.

13, the card - if circular fillet machine, can be considered together with the single pole, if press angle machine to press angle words must not fight single pole, intermediate minimum 6mm.

In 14, the gold (silver) cardboard don't use water-based laminating, aqueous laminating can make products of dark, lose luster.

In 15, the gold (silver) field in multi-color machine must be after printing, gold (silver) to prevent the ink dry by the scratch, such as a word to be printed to lose air leakage, including black word. Gold (silver) patterns, words do not printed in ink later on the field, to ink is made after the leakage of air trapping field.

16, a number of products, should pay attention to the length and the position number, and placed at the end of a process.

17, the general assembly version, to the upper and lower into the same graph, so that printing ink consistent.

18, spot color, dilute with white ink, be placed in front of the printing, prevent white ink cover in front of the color.

19, do die, attention should be paid to mark line (point line, mark line, point add marks) requirements, such as point line spacing size, line width.

20, box, box sticky mouth, usually placed in a large surface.

21, the label, canned standard should also pay attention to grain direction of paper, grain direction of different manufacturers, different batches of different, to prevent curling, not sticky.

22, laminating or after glazing, ink will release changes.

Base 23, with silver, can make the product with metallic luster, such as printed on yellow similar printing gold.

24, reviewers, sample examination, must take the finished structure drawing pictures, such as the packing box, box die cutting line drawn, so check.

Effect of 25, the correct layout for cutting.

Die-cutting working in the use of flat automatic die-cutting machine, die-cutting carton edge often appeared after not smooth phenomenon, so naturally beautiful products more or less affected.

The main reason affecting the product appearance is die-cutting working in flat automatic die-cutting machine is needed will depend on its mouth knife multi break several small mouth, can smoothly will die after the finished product is pulled out from the machine, to break the small embodied in the die-cutting box is the edge is not smooth.

The solution is mainly in the - up to boxes bonding department in its mouth. Through clever imposition, grinding machining molding tray appearance will be very beautiful. (flat automatic die-cutting and we don't have, but can understand)

The printing plant for more than two spell, generally use two methods in the - up. If the pattern between two spell can be seamlessly connected, finishing a broad brush approach should be adopted as far as possible, do not leave a gap in the middle, because the method adopts across can save paper, but also can save the application of knife mold manufacture, but also conducive to the die-cutting waste removal, a lift three. But if the pattern between two spell, unable to achieve a seamless connection. Or by the two product shape constraints, can not be done across the board, between the two products in general be sure to set aside at least 4mm wide line cutter locations, and each product must be at least 2mm pattern bleeding.

If laminating products tooth bit far more in the circumstances allow, prevent laminating with glue exposed affect the die-cutting positioning.

Therefore, the printing plant flexible of imposition, not only can save the cost, but also can avoid the bad impact of imposition to die processing.

26, offset printing gold (silver) ink notes.

Offset printing ink layer thin, in the printing gold field and thick lines, often using two or two step continuous printing printing process, ink layer to semi strong saturation and metallic luster. Silver ink printability than gold ink

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