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Printing process to how to properly control the dampening solution
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Offset from boiling water (fountain solution), the fountain solution must be reasonably formulated according to different conditions of use, and fountain solution dosage according to the weather condition, the ink color, plate type and field size and other specific circumstances differ, should also consider whether it is net mesh transfer printing, whether it is the same printing, whether it is laminated color printing and other factors. The following Yifanlide wetting powder plus water mixing fountain solution as an example, preparation and use of experience talk about the fountain solution.

1 confecting fountain solution, according to the ink depth, the application quantity fountain powder according to the color sequence arrangement is usually magenta > > Pteroceltis > yellow black. To 10L plastic bucket, for example, the fountain solution for a barrel of the black version of the original plus 3 small spoon fountain powder. The fountain solution preparation of other color order in time, the fountain powder dosage can be correspondingly modified.

The 2 ink layer thickness increases, increasing the fountain powder. That is, to absorb ink a large quantity of copies, in order to prevent the blank part of the dirty, when formulated must increase the fountain powder dosage, and not simply increase the fountain solution dosage. At this point, we can observe the layout of water in the side of the machine, to layout slightly shiny, no floating as well. If the printing products paper self crimping, on the turn or the drops of water dripping Shun rubber, rollers, ink fountain in water, these are the reaction of water large, must be promptly corrected.

3 according to the dryness of the oil amount adjustment fountain powder dosage, increase the dryness of the oil consumption, the fountain solution in a corresponding increase in dosage ratio.

4 according to the workshop temperature adjustment of the fountain solution dosage. Such as before and after lunch, should be appropriately increased 1 ~ 2 lattice water, otherwise, because the machine less staff, adjust the frequency decreases, the fountain solution evaporation increased, easy to make prints with dirty.

5 according to the paper properties of fountain solution dosage adjustment. Printing loose texture, containing impurities paper, because the ink viscosity, paper is easy to pilling, impurities accumulate in mackintosh, increased wear on the printing plate is easy to play dirty, at this time should increase the supply of fountain solution. Such as the use of news paper printing the writing of this book, it should increase the supply of fountain solution. In addition, easy to electrostatic paper can increase the quantity of water supply, to ensure that the paper smoothly.

6 according to the layout adjustment of fountain solution dosage. Layout in general by the field, lines and dot, if the full version is field back on black lines or printing, then the fountain powder and the volume can be increased properly. All outlets level image printing plate fountain powder dosage should be reduced. Field and dot are printing, to the multi balance.

Example: for the layout of printing, if the amount of ink uniform adjustment, content is determined, the printed products are usually in the B, E ink is slightly lighter, and a water spot. At this time, the amount of ink even if not, can also cause negative with dirty. At this time, to control the water supply local. A simple method is to the corresponding width of notes on the ground roller, block or local reduction of B, E of the water supply, local ink color saturation. How local control?

Find 2 bricks, processing grow about 3 ~ 8cm (contact with water roller consistent) water flannelette tightly wrapped, sew. Put it in the bucket with water roller tangent can be used to control the local water supply. Brick size and position can be determined according to the B, E point of the situation.

In addition, the printing paste version of "common fault, is not necessarily caused by the fountain solution, inking is too large, printing ink liquidity and excessive dryness and oil, ink polarity is too strong, the layout of trachoma too, too much stress will appear the printing paste version. Therefore, the first analysis of causes of paste version, determine the fountain solution problem, then the discretion to change the water supply or fountain powder quantity.

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