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Paper printing and packaging: new packaging to be open up a huge market potential
PublisherHuizhou Shengguan  Release Date2014-11-04 16:49:19  Views

Environmental protection, function of consumption concept gave birth to new packaging, the industry as a whole lags behind the foreign market "new packaging" is based on the traditional packaging, into the advanced science and technology, make the traditional packaging has a great innovation in function, design and environmental protection. Currently the industry focus on several new packaging higher degrees of mainly focus on material innovation and function innovation. The market of developed countries in Europe and America, Japan and so on has been the emergence of new packaging enterprises and related products, many domestic listed enterprises have started the production of composite packaging materials, such as the listing Corporation Yuehua package B, Wanshun shares, but the overall industry development lags behind foreign countries. With the entire packaging industry on the requirements of environmental protection and continuously improve, expand the function of packaging requirements, new packaging will usher in greater development space.

Materials innovation, function innovation do many things at once, new packaging industry low commercialization degree materials innovation refers to the use of new materials, the packaging in the premise of no less than the original product obtained the performance of more environmentally friendly, more to meet consumer demand, mainly including nano packaging, edible packaging and green packaging. Function innovation is the use of new technology makes the packaging to achieve its original does not have the function, including composite packaging, active packaging and self heating and self cooling packing etc.. At present, most of China's nano packaging, intelligent packaging products is still in the stage of laboratory research and development; and edible packaging, self heating and self cooling packaging has a small range only in Japan, Europe and the United States market investment; green packaging industry foundation is weak, enterprise scale is less; composite packaging technical requirements are relatively low, development is relatively mature.

Tetra Pak: monopoly gradually weakened, the domestic manufacturers to seize market share by the Swedish company Tetra Pak Tetra Pak (TetraPak) development, is a typical composite packaging, mature, widely used in milk and other soft drink packaging.

It has a broad market space and better profitability, we estimated that at present the Tetra Pak of more than 25000000000 yuan in the domestic market scale. Tetra Pak since the last century seventy's to enter the Chinese market, through the patent protection, bundling and control means such as long industry chain, to occupy the domestic aseptic packaging market monopoly. However, with the entry into the domestic and foreign manufacturers and the market demand and policy environment changes, the monopoly of aseptic packaging industry has been weakened, can look forward to domestic enterprises will continue to grow in future, further to seize the aseptic packaging market share.

Cold chain packaging: traditional foam box need reform, composite cold chain bag is in the ascendant and continuously improve business logistics industry with the rise and people distribution requirements of agricultural products, processed food, cold chain logistics has become a new industry focus.

Electric business giants have vied for the cold chain logistics, Haibo, snowman shares many listing Corporation have also raised funds increased cold chain logistics business. New packaging has been put into use by composite insulation boxes, composite corrugated carton, EPP environmental protection heat preservation box, no matter from the angle of function or environmental protection point of view can better meet the future demand for cold chain logistics packaging. In the lower reaches of the cold chain logistics, agricultural products will remain the main category of the future. Among them, the annual output of fruit market base, rapid growth, cold chain technology maturity continued to improve, will be the star of the cold chain logistics goods category. In addition, pharmaceutical products will become a important category in the future development of cold chain logistics market, vaccines and blood products will be the main growth point, and diagnostic reagent with great growth potential. At present the ability to cover pharmaceutical cold chain of China is only about 10%, nearly 20% and the cold chain drugs quality problems, can be expected in the future in order to ensure the quality of drugs in circulation, cold chain drug coverage will increase, which will become one of the main driving force of cold chain packaging market.

Risk tip of new packaging overall is still in the experimental stage, the technology is not yet mature, low commercialization degree, can further reduce the cost of production has great uncertainty; scale production of some new packaging may face some technical obstacles. (Editor: printing industry)

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